Finding Buck McHenry (Buscando a Buck McHenry)

TÍTULO ORIGINAL: Finding Buck McHenry. 

AÑO: 2000

DURACIÓN: 94 min

GÉNERO: Drama/Familiar/Deporte

DIRECTOR: Charles Burnett

GUIÓN: Alfred Slote (novelA), Alfred Slote (Guión adaptado)

SINOPSIS: Realizada para la TV. «When an 11 year old boy (Michael Schiffman) gets cut from his Little League baseball team, he sets out to form his own team. He persuades a school custodian (Ossie Davis) to be the coach. As the new coach starts working with the team, his knowledge leads the boy to suspect that the man is really an ex-Negro League legend who disappeared from sight years ago. The kid sets out to find out the truth about the man’s background. Ossie Davis’ real-life wife also appears in the film as his wife. Former Chicago Cubs’ star, Ernie Banks, also appears as a Negro league star»

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